Scene 1


A steady squeak acclimates us to a screen of white. A calm breeze. Birds chirp.
An image forms, gradually increasing in clarity. Its blended outline gives the impression of a watercolor painting. Finally, a young mother, MAGGIE, comes into soft focus. Her wide-smiling, angelic face alternates rhythmically from being near to far to near again. 

Look at you! Look how high up you are!

Maggie’s voice mixes with a CHILD’s ECSTATIC LAUGHTER. The POV belongs to her TODDLER SON, whom Maggie pushes in a swing-set. The surrounding foliage indicates a New England spring. 

Isn’t this fun, sweetie?

The child’s laughter replies. The moment is marked by joyful simplicity. The sound of the swing continues like a metronome.