writer & director

Project Pitch

Little Star

A family man's secret life as a hitman
becomes a burden he can no longer bear.

Written & Directed by
Thomas Torrey ("Fare")

Filming on Super-16mm Kodak film
Director of Photography
Ben Joyner (Reel)


The Hitman
A family man struggling with his secrets

The Wife
Paul's wife, just wanting to be let in to his struggle

The Daughter
Paul & Simone's child, pure and innocent

Denny Dufraigne
The Boss
A father figure to Paul, but with his own interests at heart

Father Tom
The Priest
Paul's confidant and intercessor

The Father-in-Law
Simone's father, suspicious of Paul and Denny


Little Star will embrace the conventions of the hitman sub-genre while framing them in the fresh light of a domestic drama. With a focus on themes of guilt, family and moral duality, Little Star will feel like an arthouse film with genre accents -- and a very bloody finale. 

Reference Points

High Art/High Genre
Take Shelter, Black Swan, Blue Ruin, Hell or High Water, Drive, Michael Clayton, The Place Beyond the Pines

Great Hitman Movies
Leon the Professional, Kill List, John Wick, Ghost Dog, Collateral, In Bruges, Killing Them Softly

Super-16mm Films
The Wrestler, Black Swan, Drinking Buddies, The Hurt Locker, Half Nelson, Moonrise Kingdom,
Leaving Las Vegas, The Station Agent, Hustle & Flow, Listen Up Philip

Original Short

Little Star (2012)
By Thomas Torrey