Top 15 Movies of 2016

Here's my Top 15 English language movies for 2016. Honorable mentions go to: Jungle Book, 10 Cloverfield Lane, and The Witch. 

In addition, from four of my top five films, there was a singular line of dialog from each movie that stuck with me for days after. In many cases, these lines haunted me. True poetry. Those lines are listed below, beside each film, and whether they are word for word accurate is beside the point. 

15. Don't Think Twice
14. Moonlight
13. Hacksaw Ridge
12. La La Land
11. Don't Breathe

10. The Magnificent Seven
09. Sully
08. Sing Street
07. Fences
06. Nocturnal Animals

05. Midnight Special ("I'll always worry about you. That's the deal.")
04. Arrival
03. Silence ("Where's the place in this world for weak men?")
02. Manchester by the Sea ("I can't beat it.")
01. Hell or High Water ("Maybe I'll bring you some peace." / "Maybe I'll bring it to you.")