Fare: Timeline of a Movie

2015 - April 1 - Justin Moretto and I incorporate our production company Bad Theology Pictures. The plan is to pitch investors in order to raise several million for a four film slate.

2015 - April 4 - We receive our first investment as a good faith seed money offering, in the low five figures. 

2015 - July 30 - With no additional investment in the bank (though some is committed), I get the idea to make a "test" movie prototype -- something we can film for the little cash we have, which can serve as the company's first film and let us cut our teeth. 

2015 - August 3 - First draft of the prototype film, Fare, is completed. 

2015 - August 7 - Second draft of Fare completed. 

2015 - August 26 - Cast read-through of Fare at Rooster's, Charlotte NC. 

2015 - September 7 - Four days of of rehearsals begin.

2015 - September 11 - Fare begins principle photography with cast and crew agreeing to deferred pay. 

2015 - September 13 - Fare wraps principle photography. 

2015 - September 26 - First cut of Fare is completed and submitted to Sundance. It's not a good rough cut. The ending is weak. 

2015 - October 14 - We reshoot the ending. Much better. 

2015 - October 27 - Lock edit on Fare. 

2015 - November 23 - Rejected from Sundance. 

2016 - February 3 - Final sound mix and color completed. 

2016 - March 2 - Cast and crew private screening at Arysley Cinemas in Charlotte NC. 

2016 - March 7 - Fare is accepted to world premiere at the Newport Beach Film Festival. We were 0-11 in film festival acceptance prior. 

2016 - April 3 - A freelance film publicist comes across us via NBFF and offers to help us get some press. 

2016 - April 9 - First review of Fare published. It's bad. I get sick to my stomach thinking I blew it. 

2016 - April 10 - Second review of Fare published. It's glowing: "A stunning feature debut." There's hope. 

2016 - April 12 - We cold call about a dozen sales agents and all but one decline representing us. We sign with Circus Road Films, who will leverage our NBFF premiere to pitch us to buyers. 

2016 - April 26 - World premiere at Newport Beach. Packed theater. A week of glowing, four-star reviews. 

2016 - May 3 - First offer for distribution comes in, from Random Media, a sub-distributor for The Orchard and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

2016 - June 3 - Fare screens in Los Angeles at the South Bay Film & Music Festival. 

2016 - June 5 - Fare wins Best Film at South Bay, and I get an Emerging Filmmaker award. 

2016 - June 17 - With two additional offers on the table, we sign with Random Media for worldwide distribution in all media except theatrical. They give us 90 days to complete our Deliverables check list. 

2016 - September 6 - New final master of Fare completed, with a couple small changes requested by Random Media, including new end credits song because my friend John Mark McMillan costs too much.

2016 - September 19 - Fare final Deliverables completed. I Fedex the hard drive to Random Media. They prepare for a February 2017 digital/video release. 

2016 - September 29 - Fare has its East Coast premiere at the Charlotte Film Festival. Almost 200 people pack the theater at Ayrsley Cinemas. An amazing night. 

2016 - October 7 - CFF announces Fare has won the Audience Award for Best Film. 

2016 - October 22 - Fare screens at Push! Film Festival and wins both the Jury Award and Audience Award for Best Film.

2016 - October 29 - Fare has two sold out screenings at the Naples International Film Festival and wins the Rising Star Award for director Thomas Torrey. After one of the screenings an emotional audience member tells Thomas that Fare just changed his life. 

2016 - November 29 - Phone call with distributor, Random Media, confirms February 21, 2017 release date. Thomas & Justin consider self-financing a limited theatrical run prior to release to qualify for industry awards. They later decide against it. 

2017 - February 16 - Fare has its South Carolina premiere at the 11th Annual Beaufort International Film Festival, where it wins two awards for Thomas Torrey, as Best Actor and Best Director

2017 - February 21 - Fare releases on iTunes and all video-on-demand platforms in the US, Canada, UK and elsewhere. A week of great press and great reviews. Fare peaks on the iTunes Independent Charts at #30. 

2017 - September 20 - Get first revenue reports and proceeds from Random Media covering release through June. A modest sum, but cast and crew deferments start to be paid. 

2017 - September 29 - Fare streams on Hulu.

[to be continued...]