Fare Shooting Script

I did something I'd never thought I'd do: shoot my first feature from a working draft of a script that had been written inside of a week, barely a month prior. But when you commit to filming a movie so quickly that you don't second guess it, you embrace the limitations you're surrounded with, such as a screenplay that, like all good screenplays, could benefit from another twelve months of thoughtful revisions. And there's no better way to strip yourself of your film auteur pretentiousness than by embracing limitations. 

So here's my shooting script to my first feature film, Fare. I had the idea on a Thursday. I opened up Final Draft that following Monday. I kid you not, by the end of the day that Monday I had my first draft completed. Granted, it was only forty-odd pages, but it was a draft. By mid-week I had an official first draft that I floated by my producing partner Justin, along with a few friends. By that following Saturday I had our second draft, the finished 60 page script that we shot a month later. 


Fare Shooting Script - 09/01/15